Know About the Types of Styrofoam Densifier

Styrofoam has become a headache for business owners. It takes large space in the warehouses, and cannot be disposed off easily, as, according to laws, it cannot be sent to landfills. The lightweight and space filling attributes—which makes it one of the most sought after packaging material—leads to sky high transportation cost to the centralized facilities that accept the toxic material.

The most successful solution that helps get rid of foam is the styrofoam densifier, which is a specialized machine that compacts the material and reduces the cost of transportation and offer a number of other incentives.

foam densifier

The foam densifier machines come in many forms; however, they can be classified broadly into two types: hot melt and cold styrofoam densifier.

What is Hot Melt Densifier?

Such machines, as the name suggests, use heat to compress the foam and remove the air trapped inside EPS or Styrofoam. In the first stage, the foam is shredded into small pieces, and then the pieces are fed to heated parts. The end results are pellets of foam, which can be easily stored and transported to the recycling facilities.  With the use of such type of machines, the volume reduction ratio achieved remains in the range of 90 to 1. The processing speed of the machines varies with the model, however, it usually slower than cold compressors.

What is Cold Densifier?

No heat is used to compress foam in such types of densifiers; instead, in the common designs, the foam is compressed pneumatically. Some also employ screw to compress the EPS foam, or other types of foams. The volume reduction ratio achieved by cold densifier is commonly lower than the alternative and remains in the range of 80 to 1. However, cold styrofoam densifiers process the foam a lot faster compared to hot melt densifier.

Things You Need to Know about EPS Recycling

The accumulation of a voluminous amount of waste especially non-biodegradable materials on earth’s surface is a cause of global concern. The waste materials cause irreparable damage to the earth and huge problems in the environment. Proper waste management is very important to resolve this problem that can help preserve ecological integrity and sustain human life on the planet for many years to come. Recycling is an important part of the three major components of waste management with the first two being reduce and reuse.

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