Easy Trash Management and Recycling Using Advanced Tools

Waste material management is essential in order to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. High-quality waste recycling and management tools help minimize pollution or other adverse impacts of waste materials on health and the environment. With the help of latest equipment and a detailed procedure that ensure accurate control and removal of waste materials. There are numerous trash recycling and management equipment such as Sensor trash can, Vertical baler M Series, Vertical baler machine, Compacting bin SavPac, etc.

sensor trash can

  • Sensor trash Can

The trash can is one of the most integral appliances in any home. Earlier, dustbins or trash cans were operated by foot or hand, sensor trash can opens up automatically. The cover of the sensor bin closes within a few seconds of removal. Automatic dustbins are more efficient as they come with the touch-free feature. A sensor can allow users to dispose of trash without touching the lid. You just need to stand near the stainless can with the debris in the hand; trash lid gets activated and opens up automatically.

Below mentioned are some of the features of sensor trash can:


  • Touch-free lid operation
  • More efficient and ideal for office, home, schools, hospitals, etc
  • Exceptional and quick open technology
  • Extra-wide opening for large and bulky disposal
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel finish
  • Batteries powered by 4 D size batteries
  • No custom bags
  • 5 years warranty period

The compact garbage cans have the capacity of 13 gallons. The motion sensor bin can be brushed with iTouchless sensor stainless steel finish.

  • Vertical baler machine

Similarly, when it comes to waste recycling management Vertical baler machine is considered best in comparison to other tools. This machine is used for compressing recycle materials into convenient and small bales. Baler can be used in different industries such as manufacturing, recycling units, retail outlets, and various other businesses.

Here are the key features of Vertical baler machine:


  • It can be loaded from the front.
  • Helps in increasing the recycling revenue and the overall productivity.
  • Most advanced and highly recommended for commercial businesses.
  • Vertical bailing press can be proposed to act as a double or single rambling press.
  • The outputs vary from 200kg to 15 tons per hour.
  • The compressing force ranges between 10 and 200 tons.

The machine can be used to bale plastic bottles, plastic film, cardboard, shrink wrap, fibers, clothing, etc.

Streamline Waste Management Using High-Quality Recycling Tools

Management of waste materials is vital to keeping the surroundings clean thereby minimizing pollution or other harmful impacts of waste materials on health and the environment. Thanks to sophisticated waste recycling tools and following a meticulous plan and procedure of waste management that ensures proper control and disposal of waste materials.


A hydraulic baler machine is an important recycling tool that converts loads of scrap material into bales that make tons of waste materials easy to transport, store and handle. Based on the type and volume of materials to be baled, space available for installation and other factors, you can select suitable baler machine from a renowned and experienced tool supplier. This will help you in the convenient collection, storage and transportation of scrap materials to the recycling centre.

Vita Recycles is a leading China-based recycling tool manufacturer and supplier that is committed to providing comprehensive waste recycling solutions to its clients. With an array of products like foam densifier, Automatic horizontal baling machine, crusher and shredder, dewatering machine, palletizing system, and smart bin the company caters to the waste recycling needs of its clients. Using the high-quality recycling tools will streamline waste management and reduce its cost thereby increasing your profits.

You can easily purchase a Vertical baler machine that can help you bale variety of waste materials like plastic bottles, tires, cardboard, plastic film, fibres, clothing and other scrap materials. Based on your baling requirements you can get the machine that bails 200 kg to 15 tons an hour and the machine can compress 10-200 tons. This versatile baling machine can help you reduce the cost of labour and transportation and increase your returns on the waste recycling and management.

Vita Recycles can help you get customized mobile foam densifier, hydraulic baler and palletizing machines that will be delivered to your given address within the scheduled time. You can purchase Vertical baler machine that will fulfil your large volume of recyclables baling requirements. When you purchase the desired recycling tool from this company, you can be assured of getting high quality product that will provide you high performance and long lasting service. The hydraulic bailers can work for over 15 years and you can rely on the efficiency and quality of the machine.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to get in touch with our experts by calling us on +86 571 8699 8357 or send us an email at info@vitarecycles.com. You can also visit us online by clicking on the link http://www.vitarecycles.com/.

Vita Recycles: Committed to Provide You Total Waste Recycling Solutions

The increasing use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam in thermal insulation, construction and craft applications has made them quite popular. Be it in the manufacturing of coffee cups and food plates or in helmets, home insulation or beer coolers, polystyrene finds its use in an array of applications. Recycling of extruded polystyrene foam or Styrofoam is a great challenge as this is lighter in weight making it harder to collect and needs to be transported to a centralised recycling plant for recycling EPS foam. This helps in the proper management and disposal of EPS foam that can easily end into the landfills.

foam densifier

Companies engaged in manufacturing waste recycling machines play a wonderful role in helping industries recycle waste materials and thus contribute their best in maintaining cleanliness and green environment.

VITA Recycles is an outstanding and experienced manufacturer and supplier of high-quality waste recycling tools that provides comprehensive waste management solution to its clients. The company provides hydraulic cold Styrofoam compactor, heat-melt foam densifier, baler machine, foam and plastic crusher and shredder, dewatering machine and pelletizing systems. Besides this, the expert and dedicated team of folks of the company buy recycled products from the industries.

Collection and transportation of Styrofoam can be a great problem, as the substance is quite light and can easily blow away in the wind becoming litter thereby leading to air and water pollution. A suitable EPS foam densifier compresses the foam, removes the air and leave only the foam pellets thereby making their transportation to the recycling centre easier and more cost effective.

Whether you require Styrofoam compactor, hot melt EPS densifier or cold Styrofoam densifier, vertical and horizontal baler or other recycling tool, Vita Recycles can help you get the best quality waste recycling equipment on lease, rent or purchase. Using the advanced recycling tool as offered by Vita Recycles will reduce the cost of waste recycling and management and increase efficiency and recycling capacity. This will help you realize your target, boost your profits and enhance credibility.

Vita Recycles is committed to provide you total waste recycling solutions at an affordable cost. So what are you looking for? Feel free to call our expert on +86 571 86998357 or send us an email at info@vitarecycles.com. All interested people can visit us online by clicking on the link http://www.vitarecycles.com/ to get more information about our products and services and a free price quote for the required tool.

A Perfect Automatic Sensor Trash Can for your Kitchen

The trash can is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. Unlike earlier days, when the dustbins were operated by hand or foot, sensor thrash opens up automatically, thereby removing thrash away. The lid of the sensor dustbin closes within a few seconds of disposal. Touchless cans are more hygienic, efficient, and easy to accomplish everyday tasks and you can upgrade your kitchen with new sensor trash that has touchless feature.

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Know About the Types of Styrofoam Densifier

Styrofoam has become a headache for business owners. It takes large space in the warehouses, and cannot be disposed off easily, as, according to laws, it cannot be sent to landfills. The lightweight and space filling attributes—which makes it one of the most sought after packaging material—leads to sky high transportation cost to the centralized facilities that accept the toxic material.

The most successful solution that helps get rid of foam is the styrofoam densifier, which is a specialized machine that compacts the material and reduces the cost of transportation and offer a number of other incentives.

foam densifier

The foam densifier machines come in many forms; however, they can be classified broadly into two types: hot melt and cold styrofoam densifier.

What is Hot Melt Densifier?

Such machines, as the name suggests, use heat to compress the foam and remove the air trapped inside EPS or Styrofoam. In the first stage, the foam is shredded into small pieces, and then the pieces are fed to heated parts. The end results are pellets of foam, which can be easily stored and transported to the recycling facilities.  With the use of such type of machines, the volume reduction ratio achieved remains in the range of 90 to 1. The processing speed of the machines varies with the model, however, it usually slower than cold compressors.

What is Cold Densifier?

No heat is used to compress foam in such types of densifiers; instead, in the common designs, the foam is compressed pneumatically. Some also employ screw to compress the EPS foam, or other types of foams. The volume reduction ratio achieved by cold densifier is commonly lower than the alternative and remains in the range of 80 to 1. However, cold styrofoam densifiers process the foam a lot faster compared to hot melt densifier.

Things You Need to Know about EPS Recycling

The accumulation of a voluminous amount of waste especially non-biodegradable materials on earth’s surface is a cause of global concern. The waste materials cause irreparable damage to the earth and huge problems in the environment. Proper waste management is very important to resolve this problem that can help preserve ecological integrity and sustain human life on the planet for many years to come. Recycling is an important part of the three major components of waste management with the first two being reduce and reuse.

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Sensor Trash Bins: Smart Trash Disposal Choice for Your Home

Making waste disposal isn’t only efficient in cutting down the cost, but also in making environment cleaner. Smart sensor trash can offer eco-friendly environment to keep it filth free. Whether you’re at your home or by a roadside, using these cans, you can improve your life by making it healthy and risk-free. Termed as world’s smartest sensors, the technology has greatly improved the sanitation and hygiene of our homes and offices.

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Learn About Polystyrene and Its Recycling Procedure

Polystyrene is one of the most lightweight materials, made up of 98% air and just the 2% plastic. Being an airy material, it is mostly named as packing foam and finds applications in packaging of various industrial goods. The material is primarily used in packaging items that are heavy and delicate, such as electronic goods. Continue reading

Why Baler Machine is considered as an Important Part of the Industry?

Balers are primarily used for compressing recyclable materials into small and manageable bales. The hydraulic baling machine covers a wide range of waste material such as hardboard, paper, plastics, cans, bottles, etc., are compressed in balers and then transported to garbage or recycling facility. Continue reading