Use High Quality Recycling Machines for Proper Waste Management

Bringing the innovative ideas to recycle the waste and assisting people in setting up an advanced recycling system is the best way to make the earth more green and a better place to live in. Vita Recycles is engaged in creating beneficial solutions and helping its customers recycle their waste materials. We do this by providing a wide series of EPS Recycling and Foam Recycling equipment and tools that comprise dewatering compactor, crusher and shredder, foam densifier, dewatering compactor and vertical and horizontal baler machines.

foam densifier

The company offers products equipped with top-notch mechanism and durability to make the waste management and recycling process easy and economical. Besides serving the industries with various types of state-of-the-art machinery, the leading supplier buys back the recycled items with rental and leasing programs. Our major products are EPS cold compactor and Heat Melt Foam Densifier. Here are their brief descriptions:

  1. EPS cold compactor – EPS waste material is generated in numerous industries such as furniture companies, grocery markets, domestic appliance distribution firm and many others, thus our compactor is available in distinct configurations according to the requirements. The equipment just conveys the stuff to the compression chamber placed in a hydraulic press, therefore no problem arises in compressing any kind of EPS material under extreme pressure. The machine is equipped with significant and helpful specifications of screw driven and hydraulic compaction system, which makes it the perfect option for a waste management centre to process recycled foam efficiently.
  2. Heat Melt Foam Densifier – This machine comprises a wide range of tools that convert the loose foam materials into dense blocks by crushing them. These hand-fed tools use shredding to process the foam and produce many densified purged logs by extruding and crushing the foam. These are quite beneficial for recycling the EPS, EPP and EPE foams. It possesses the capacity to process 35kg to 150kg loose foam in an hour, which depends on the kind of foam, its density and the type of machine you are using. Our machinery, manufactured by complying health safety and environmental standards, ensure the recycled product with good resale value.

If you are interested in high-quality foam or EPS recycling machines, get in touch with Vita Recycles, your one-stop destination for the best and complete waste management solutions. You can either call us on +86 571 8699 8357 or send us an email at Feel free to click on the link for more information and services.

Things You Need to Know about Waste Recycling Equipment

The pollution has increased all over the world in the form of waste products which contaminate water, air, and soil when disposed of wrongly. They not only diminish the look of our surrounding but also lead to various diseases. The solution to all these problems is recycling of the waste materials that pollute the environment. We at Vita Recycles have been experienced in manufacturing various types of equipment to dispose and recycle the trash in the correct manner. The tools like Sensor Waste Bin help in disposing the material properly and mitigating the possibility of disease spread, while recycling machines like EPS Foam Compactor make the best use of the unused products. Here is a brief description of these equipments:


Sensor Waste Bin

Cleaning a place is good, but properly disposing of the trash collected is better. In the market, you can find many dustbins operated by hand or foot, where the lid opens when the button is pressed. But our production team delivers the automatic garbage cans that open automatically as your hand reaches to infrared induction area and closes in few seconds as your hand moves away. This product works on alkaline batteries and is operated by a microcomputer and infrared induction. This way the risk of cross-contamination is reduced and your life becomes healthy and convenient.

EPS Foam Compactor

The EPS waste is mostly generated in different industries like the household appliance, grocery and fish markets, electronic assembling, furniture firm, automotive sector and so on. Our compactor equipment transports the waste material to the compression chamber of the hydraulic press. Hence, the EPS substances have no problem in being compressed by extreme pressure. This compactor acquires quite useful features of hydraulic and screw driven compaction system, which makes it a smart option to process recycled foam. It comes with inbuilt augers and hydraulics for easy compaction of foam without melting the waste.

Vita Recycles brings the most advanced and latest technology available to you with a customized option. If you are interested in these materials, simply make a call on +86-571 8699 8357/ 21 6329 5698 or click on the link You can also visit us online at

Different Types of Bailing Machines Used in Various Industries

An easy process of keeping our society clean and healthy is recycling. Manufacturing of products is necessary, but it is equally essential to recycle the waste material. We at Vita Recycles, to facilitate this process, produce and supply the premium quality waste management machines and products. The solutions provided by us do not just serve the environment, but also help the clients by lowering their cost of managing the waste disposal. The baler machines are quite useful equipment for the process of trash recycling. Here are the brief descriptions of different types of baling machines:

Vertical Baler Machine –


Also called Down Stroke Bailing Press Machine, where waste substances are filled from the front and can be tied and compressed from top to bottom. The versatile equipment is capable of baling various kinds of commodities such as plastic bottles, tires, cardboard, clothing, fibers and many more. This Vertical Baler Machine applies the compressing force between 10 tons and 200 tons, whereas its output ranges between 200 kg and 15 tons every hour. These results vary according to the products getting baled.

Automatic Horizontal Bailing Machine –

This equipment is larger and is deployed for efficiently acquiring higher output level i.e., around 1 ton to 25 ton per hour. We offer the customized machines with different bale sizes as per the requirements. Our Automatic Horizontal Bailing Machine is used by several industries such as plastic, paper, textile etc, for recycling various types of waste materials. It also helps to increase the cost efficiency by easing the process of waste recycling and lowering the cost of labor.

Hence, these are the two prime bailing machines used in the various industries, which helps to develop a clean and green surrounding with an advanced recycling system. If you are interested to order any of these quality products, E-mail us at –

What Are The Benefits Of Using Advanced Waste Management Machines?

A proper management of waste material is important in order to keep the environment green. The recycling of waste material helps in maintaining the pollution level within the atmosphere. For this, numerous advanced equipment based on modern technologies are available in the market. Here is a list of machines that are considered effective for doing extensive recycling without too much labor:

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How the waste recycling machines work?

Development does not merely provide ease and growth, but also the waste deposits. We consume the products, which are manufactured, but have you ever thought that what would have done to waste products? As they find no place in the production, they are just thrown in the open to contribute to pollution and dirt. To eliminate this happening, we at VITA Recycles create solutions in terms of machines, to recycle waste for keeping the environment clean and hygienic. Let us go through the uses and working of two machines to understand how they contribute to recycling the waste products:


a) Styrofoam Compactor

It is also known as Hybrid Densifier, acquires the major beneficial characteristics of hydraulic, and screw driven compaction system. Together, these traits make this product turn into a great option to process recycled foam in a waste management center. For efficient compaction of foam without letting the material to melt, the leading hydraulics and augers are attached to the hybrid cold compaction densifiers. You can find high quality Styrofoam Compactor equipped with advanced technology and silo system to feed the materials in the machine in our store.

b) Vertical Baler Machine

The waste is filled from the front side in these baler machines. They are also called as bailing press machine because these machines are smaller but have the ability to compress the recyclable material from the top to bottom. These Vertical Baler Machines are quite versatile, thus, used to bale different type of waste commodities such as fibers, plastic film, cardboard, clothing, plastic bottles etc.

Therefore, if you own an industry or company, where waste material is produced in abundance, it is your responsibility to recycle all that stuff and keep the surrounding pollution free. To gain information regarding the recycling machines or to purchase them, connect with us at You can visit us online for more information and services by clicking on the link

The Best Ways to Dispose and Recycle the Waste Products!

In the past few years, many efforts have been made to transform the concepts of recycling through innovation. This is done by setting up an advanced recycling system to recycle the waste products, which are difficult to decompose such as Polystyrene or Styrofoam through compactor machines. Besides this, hygienically disposal of waste products is also as necessary as recycling the waste to prevent any kind of disease through automatic sensor trash cans.

Polystyrene recycling compactor

Why is it necessary to recycle polystyrene?

In our daily lives, we are using the polystyrene in a huge amount of quantity. Due to its great insulation feature and some other protective qualities, it is being used widely as a popular packaging material used for coffee cups, packaging food, egg tray, etc. But, generally after being used it is thrown out by us on roads which lead to pollution. Therefore, if we can’t dispose of them completely, we should try to recycle them and make them useable again through Polystyrene recycling compactor machines. This will not only control the pollution but also check the financial waste through recycling and reuse it again.

There are various machines to do that on a commercial basis:

a) Foam Shredder Machine: The machine is used to cut the foam into small granules. During this process, 5-8% of foam is lost but the remaining is totally usable for manufacturing products again.

b) Hot Melt Foam Densifier: The machine crushes the foam products and heats them into dense blocks to reuse them for different purposes. It can melt up to 150 Kg of loose foam hourly according to the density of foams.

c) Hydraulic Cold Foam Compactor: It is a machine of performance and is capable of recycling different types of foams like EPS, PIR, XPS and PUR foam. This is why it is popular with different names such as EPS densifier, foam compactor and Styrofoam cold compactors (compactor).

As you now know about these Polystyrene recycling compactor machines, therefore, you can recycle the foam waste on your own as well. If you need to buy these powerful machines for recycling or Sensor trash can for perfect disposal of waste you can connect with us at For more details, you can log on to our website –

Find Out the Advantages of Recycling Machines

The management of waste material is quite essential to keep the planet natural and green. The recycling of waste products helps in controlling the pollution level that ensures our surrounding clean and hygienic. To make this happen, various latest equipment based on innovative technologies are available. Here are brief descriptions of machines for doing large-scale recycling without excessive labour:

a) Automatic horizontal baling machine –

Designed to make your waste recycling process more efficient and effective. Its large and robust body structure is highly reliable and demands less maintenance. The baling machines are suitable for professional recycling centres, paperboard factories with large-scale production. They can compress larger papers such as cardboard, carton box, carton box etc. The equipment can weigh up to around 1300 kg and easily apply force up to 140 tons, capacity from 10 to 20 tons per hour.

Automatic horizontal baling machine

The main advantages of an Automatic horizontal baling machine are as follow:

• Being fully automatic type, it makes the operational function quite easy
• It can maximize the profit margin on investment by delivering high output
• The machine consists of large square bale for easy transportation of stock
• Due to less need for maintenance, it makes the recycling process cost efficient
• The automatic feeding conveyor and auto tie operation can save a lot of labour cost

b) Polystyrene recycling compactor –

The tool is highly useful to manage the waste generated in several industries like electronic assembling firm, distribution company, household appliance, grocery market etc, with its distinguished configurations that can be used according to your needs. It is primarily, used to transport EPS material to the compression chamber of the hydraulic press and ensure that there is no problem being compressed by the extremely high pressure.

The salient benefits of Polystyrene recycling compactor are as follows:

• Helps the environment as it can take hundreds of years for polystyrene to biodegrade
• Its efficient working makes out a bigger profit by recycling polystyrene in bulk
• The recycling compactor is known to save handling, transport cost and store space

Therefore, it is advised to plant a recycling set up at your workplace, as it does not only create a good impact on the environment but also on your pocket.

Importance of Styrofoam Densifier and how it Helps in Recycling Waste Products

Styrofoam/EPS compactor is also known as a pint-size hydraulic compactor. It is used for processing the product and reusing the waste materials. Recycling waste materials are one of the best ways to make the products re-usable and significantly reduce the quantity of waste released in the environment. Burning of waste materials like foam, plastic, rubber and other waste products leads to air and soil pollution. Thus, recycling the products help in saving the environment and energy used.

foam densifier

Styrofoam compactor is a non-biodegradable polymer that efficiently compresses different types of foam including expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polyethylene (EPE), expanded polypropylene (EPP), extruded polystyrene (XPS), polystyrene paper (PSP), polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam and reduces the cost of transportation.

Foam densifier is a specialized machine that compacts the material and reduces the cost of transportation, thereby offering a number of other incentives. Being light, rigid and highly durable, it turns out to be an excellent packaging material. The inert nature of the polymer along with the thermal and electrical insulation makes it a preferred choice for food, electronics and other packets for shipment

Foam densifier can be classified into two forms, one hot melt, and cold densifier. Let us take a look at them:

Hot melt densifier:

This type of machines uses heat to compress the foam and remove the air trapped in EPS or Styrofoam. The foam is shredded into small pieces and then the pieces are fed into heated parts. The foam can easily store and transported to the recycling facilities. Such machines help in reducing the volume ratio ranging 90 to 1.

Cold densifier:

This type of machine passes no heat to compress foam instead the foam is compressed pneumatically. The volume reduction ratio which is achieved by cold densifier is lower than the hot densifier and ranges from 80 to 1. However, the cold Styrofoam densifiers help in processing the foam faster as compared to the hot melt densifier.

Easy Trash Management and Recycling Using Advanced Tools

Waste material management is essential in order to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. High-quality waste recycling and management tools help minimize pollution or other adverse impacts of waste materials on health and the environment. With the help of latest equipment and a detailed procedure that ensure accurate control and removal of waste materials. There are numerous trash recycling and management equipment such as Sensor trash can, Vertical baler M Series, Vertical baler machine, Compacting bin SavPac, etc.

sensor trash can

  • Sensor trash Can

The trash can is one of the most integral appliances in any home. Earlier, dustbins or trash cans were operated by foot or hand, sensor trash can opens up automatically. The cover of the sensor bin closes within a few seconds of removal. Automatic dustbins are more efficient as they come with the touch-free feature. A sensor can allow users to dispose of trash without touching the lid. You just need to stand near the stainless can with the debris in the hand; trash lid gets activated and opens up automatically.

Below mentioned are some of the features of sensor trash can:


  • Touch-free lid operation
  • More efficient and ideal for office, home, schools, hospitals, etc
  • Exceptional and quick open technology
  • Extra-wide opening for large and bulky disposal
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel finish
  • Batteries powered by 4 D size batteries
  • No custom bags
  • 5 years warranty period

The compact garbage cans have the capacity of 13 gallons. The motion sensor bin can be brushed with iTouchless sensor stainless steel finish.

  • Vertical baler machine

Similarly, when it comes to waste recycling management Vertical baler machine is considered best in comparison to other tools. This machine is used for compressing recycle materials into convenient and small bales. Baler can be used in different industries such as manufacturing, recycling units, retail outlets, and various other businesses.

Here are the key features of Vertical baler machine:


  • It can be loaded from the front.
  • Helps in increasing the recycling revenue and the overall productivity.
  • Most advanced and highly recommended for commercial businesses.
  • Vertical bailing press can be proposed to act as a double or single rambling press.
  • The outputs vary from 200kg to 15 tons per hour.
  • The compressing force ranges between 10 and 200 tons.

The machine can be used to bale plastic bottles, plastic film, cardboard, shrink wrap, fibers, clothing, etc.

Streamline Waste Management Using High-Quality Recycling Tools

Management of waste materials is vital to keeping the surroundings clean thereby minimizing pollution or other harmful impacts of waste materials on health and the environment. Thanks to sophisticated waste recycling tools and following a meticulous plan and procedure of waste management that ensures proper control and disposal of waste materials.


A hydraulic baler machine is an important recycling tool that converts loads of scrap material into bales that make tons of waste materials easy to transport, store and handle. Based on the type and volume of materials to be baled, space available for installation and other factors, you can select suitable baler machine from a renowned and experienced tool supplier. This will help you in the convenient collection, storage and transportation of scrap materials to the recycling centre.

Vita Recycles is a leading China-based recycling tool manufacturer and supplier that is committed to providing comprehensive waste recycling solutions to its clients. With an array of products like foam densifier, Automatic horizontal baling machine, crusher and shredder, dewatering machine, palletizing system, and smart bin the company caters to the waste recycling needs of its clients. Using the high-quality recycling tools will streamline waste management and reduce its cost thereby increasing your profits.

You can easily purchase a Vertical baler machine that can help you bale variety of waste materials like plastic bottles, tires, cardboard, plastic film, fibres, clothing and other scrap materials. Based on your baling requirements you can get the machine that bails 200 kg to 15 tons an hour and the machine can compress 10-200 tons. This versatile baling machine can help you reduce the cost of labour and transportation and increase your returns on the waste recycling and management.

Vita Recycles can help you get customized mobile foam densifier, hydraulic baler and palletizing machines that will be delivered to your given address within the scheduled time. You can purchase Vertical baler machine that will fulfil your large volume of recyclables baling requirements. When you purchase the desired recycling tool from this company, you can be assured of getting high quality product that will provide you high performance and long lasting service. The hydraulic bailers can work for over 15 years and you can rely on the efficiency and quality of the machine.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to get in touch with our experts by calling us on +86 571 8699 8357 or send us an email at You can also visit us online by clicking on the link