A Perfect Automatic Sensor Trash Can for your Kitchen

The trash can is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. Unlike earlier days, when the dustbins were operated by hand or foot, sensor thrash opens up automatically, thereby removing thrash away. The lid of the sensor dustbin closes within a few seconds of disposal. Touchless cans are more hygienic, efficient, and easy to accomplish everyday tasks and you can upgrade your kitchen with new sensor trash that has touchless feature.

A touchless sensor can allow consumers to dispose of trash without touching the can. The lid gets activated whenever you need it. You simply need to stand nearby the stainless can with the debris in the hand, trash can’s sensor can be opened automatically.

                                                        sensor trash can

The steady motor powers the lid and opens and closes the lid smoothly and silently. The rim of the lid covers the trash bags so the bin looks neatly when it is closed. Let us take a look at the features of sensor trash can:


  • No-touch lid operation
  • More convenient and perfect for the home, office, schools, care facilities, etc.
  • Unique and quick open technology—–
  • Extra-wide opening to accommodate large and bulky items
  • Air vents in the base for easy removal of full trash bags
  • Easy to clean stainless steel finish
  • Batteries powered by 4 D size batteries, which can last up to one year
  • No custom bags required to carry the thrash
  • 5 years warranty period

The compact trash cans have the capacity of 13 gallons. The touch-free lid of the dustbin opens very quickly for disposal of the garbage easily. The lid opens and closes via the infrared sensor technology, so you need not touch the waste bin at all. The smart trash can is also brushed with iTouchless sensor stainless steel finish with a fingerprint-proof coating which makes the dustbin easy for cleaning. In addition, the sensor thrash can also have deodorizer to prevent the bad smelling trash can in your kitchen. You can get one free carbon odor filter with the purchase of this automatic trash can.