Application of Various Types of Waste Processing Machines

Many types of machinery are available to help you to start the recycling at the source. There are dewatering machines, balers, which include horizontal baling machine and vertical, compactors and many more.

VTEF-N40-horizontal-semi-automatic-baler Each type of machinery has its own advantages, and since the recycling has become mandatory, these machines are common sights at the factories. Many owners are reaping benefits by installing them.

In this blog, we are discussing the application of each recycling machine available on the market these days.


Industrial hydraulic baling machine is used for compacting waste like, foil and cans, office paper, fiberboard, plastic, which are then transported efficiently to be sold to recycling companies. To compress the waste, a hydraulic press is used which is made up of steel. Depending on the need, you can get horizontal or vertical balers. With these balers, you can process large quantities of waste easily without minimum human interference.

Dewatering machines

PET bottles are the most valuable waste; however, compacting is a bit of complex process, as usually water is left in the bottles. You cannot compress bottles without getting rid of water in them, and that is where dewatering machines help. They dewater the bottles and made it suitable for compression using other compactor; many machine come in combination, where both compressor and dewatering machines work in conjunction.

Styrofoam compactor

Styrofoam is made from 95 percent of air, and this made their transport expensive. To compress the Styrofoam, machines use heat and shredders, the end-product is a pile of pellet that can be transported to the recycling plants, where they are used again to make different types of products.

These all machines in combination are used at factories for cutting down waste, and they also proving to be a source of revenue.