Baling Machine: An Important Part of Industry

Balers have increasingly become an important part of business. Materials that were once used in the decade past can be reused. The recyclable materials can be reused and could be handled efficiently. Unlike earlier when recyclable materials were considered as waste, now it is classified as valuable and effective.From scrap materials, like corrugated fiber in all forms and types of plastics can be recycled. Hydraulic baler machines have two major types of baler— vertical baler machine and horizontal balers. Baler machines are used to press cardboards, papers, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, Aluminum cans, metals, tires, fibers, used clothes, sawdust, hays, rubbish, etc.


In vertical baler machines, the materials are stuffed from the front side. This is a small pressing machine and can compress the recyclablesfrom the top to bottom due to which such type of baling machine is termed as down stroke bailing press machine. It is very versatile and used to bale cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic film, shrink warp, fibers, tires, clothing, and various waste commodities. Whereas, the automatic horizontal bailing machine is deployed in higher volume locations and can attain 1 ton to 25 tons output levelper hour.

A horizontal baling machine has different bale size depending on your requirements. The size of the bale can be customized according to the size of the produced, recyclables and simplify the process of waste transportation. They are ideal for a larger quantity of recyclables and allow you to more efficiently deal with waste at a lower labor cost. It is also capable of reprocessing a variety of waste materials, ranging from paper to plastics, and textile to wood shaving and peanut shells.

In short, baling machines can help you increase your company’s recyclables revenue and produce positive ROI in a short period of time.