Things You Need to Know about EPS Recycling

The accumulation of a voluminous amount of waste especially non-biodegradable materials on earth’s surface is a cause of global concern. The waste materials cause irreparable damage to the earth and huge problems in the environment. Proper waste management is very important to resolve this problem that can help preserve ecological integrity and sustain human life on the planet for many years to come. Recycling is an important part of the three major components of waste management with the first two being reduce and reuse.

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Learn About Polystyrene and Its Recycling Procedure

Polystyrene is one of the most lightweight materials, made up of 98% air and just the 2% plastic. Being an airy material, it is mostly named as packing foam and finds applications in packaging of various industrial goods. The material is primarily used in packaging items that are heavy and delicate, such as electronic goods. Continue reading

EPS and the Environment- Why EPS Waste Recycling is Important?

EPS is a versatile material, which is used for various purposes in diverse industries. Stretches to Expanded Polystyrene, EPS is a light yet strong material, used for the packaging of electronic goods and foods, production of toys, and in many other industries. In the construction industry, it is used for creating thermal insulation in building. Continue reading

FAQs on our hybrid densifier and thermal densifier

Here is some information in relation to our hybrid densifier and thermal densifier:

Q1: Does the process efficiency is affected by climate changes (hot&cold)? What is the tolerance of the process to these changes?

A1: Hybrid and Thermal Densifiers: Process efficiency is not affected by climate changes. Continue reading

How to recycle PU foam?

Recently more and more people are looking for the solutions to recycle PU or TPU foam.

There are two types of PU foam in the market, one is sponge foam, other other is a cured foam or like rigid polyurethane foam sheet which is called TPU foam.

Sponge foam is too much memory. Hot melt is too smelly. Cold compaction won’t work as too much memory. But TPU cured foam which is rigid and brittle in nature. Continue reading

Innovative Equipment Boosts Foam Recycling at the Source

VITA Recycles provides total solutions for foam recycling. The company offers a range of innovative foam densification and recycling equipments from the USA. Disposing of waste foam is a major problem for many industries, including furniture manufacture and sales, electronics manufacture, assembly and sales, household appliance sales and distribution companies, grocery markets, fish markets, the automotive sector… the list goes on! Continue reading

Options for recycling EPP

There are a couple of options for recycling EPP. Many shape molders are grinding the scrap EPP parts and remolding the reground bead foam (after de-dusting and classifying by density). We’ve seen a range of 5 to 15% being used. Some safety critical EPP parts restrict regrinds, so it varies by OEM. Continue reading