Comparison of EPS Hot Melt Densifier & EPS Cold Densifier

Here is a brief description of the four basic types of foam recycling equipments currently in the market:

  • Screw driven compactor uses augers to push foam through a chamber at a specific speed and pressure to compress the foam into a solid block. They perform well when the feed stock is limited to one density of foam at a time, but not good to process mixed densities of foam. The shortcomings are easily melting down and very low density for the compacted logs.
  • Hydraulic compactor uses hydraulic pressure to compact the foam. With a continuous operation model, the foam is extruded into a dense log. They can effectively process various densities of foam at the same time without melting. But the machine’s size very big, and the cost is expensive.
  • Hybrid densifier combines the best features of the screw driven compaction system with those of the hydraulic compaction system, resulting in an efficient way to process recycled foam. Hybrid cold compaction densifiers use augers and hydraulics to compact foam with no melting. This technology is the newest in the world.
  • Thermal densifier uses heat to melt foam into a patty or purge. The foam is extruded in the form of a rope and then transferred to containers. Thermal densifiers can effectively process various densities of foam, leading to very high density of the melted ingots.

VITA Recycles could supply both Hybrid Densifier and Thermal Densifier.

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