Different Types of Bailing Machines Used in Various Industries

An easy process of keeping our society clean and healthy is recycling. Manufacturing of products is necessary, but it is equally essential to recycle the waste material. We at Vita Recycles, to facilitate this process, produce and supply the premium quality waste management machines and products. The solutions provided by us do not just serve the environment, but also help the clients by lowering their cost of managing the waste disposal. The baler machines are quite useful equipment for the process of trash recycling. Here are the brief descriptions of different types of baling machines:

Vertical Baler Machine –


Also called Down Stroke Bailing Press Machine, where waste substances are filled from the front and can be tied and compressed from top to bottom. The versatile equipment is capable of baling various kinds of commodities such as plastic bottles, tires, cardboard, clothing, fibers and many more. This Vertical Baler Machine applies the compressing force between 10 tons and 200 tons, whereas its output ranges between 200 kg and 15 tons every hour. These results vary according to the products getting baled.

Automatic Horizontal Bailing Machine –

This equipment is larger and is deployed for efficiently acquiring higher output level i.e., around 1 ton to 25 ton per hour. We offer the customized machines with different bale sizes as per the requirements. Our Automatic Horizontal Bailing Machine is used by several industries such as plastic, paper, textile etc, for recycling various types of waste materials. It also helps to increase the cost efficiency by easing the process of waste recycling and lowering the cost of labor.

Hence, these are the two prime bailing machines used in the various industries, which helps to develop a clean and green surrounding with an advanced recycling system. If you are interested to order any of these quality products, E-mail us at – info@vitarecycles.com.