EPS and the Environment- Why EPS Waste Recycling is Important?

EPS is a versatile material, which is used for various purposes in diverse industries. Stretches to Expanded Polystyrene, EPS is a light yet strong material, used for the packaging of electronic goods and foods, production of toys, and in many other industries. In the construction industry, it is used for creating thermal insulation in building.

Expanded Polystyrene is a very polluting material, which is prepared from petroleum products, and is a non-sustainable and non-renewable commodity.

According to California Integrated Waste Management Board, polystyrene is second after aluminum in damaging the environment, natural resources and wildlife of earth.

Considering the aforementioned instances of environmental impacts of EPS, it is becomes a necessity to lower its production, and use it smartly.

EPS Recycling
EPS, technically, is not a recyclable material, but it can be reshaped, repurposed and reused. At recycling plants, there are used different kinds of EPS waste recycling machines that prepare the waste to be reused as required by the industry clients.

Check out the following pointers to comprehend why the reuse of EPS foam is important for us –
• It is the one of the highly dangerous waste materials, affecting the health of the marine life. It can be seen floating on the waters, and barring the sun rays and transfer of heat and gas.
• As reported by a study conducted in 2006, Hong Kong sends approximately 135 tons EPS into landfills, which is severely concerning the quality of soil in the region. This practice is not just limited to the boundaries of Hong Kong, it is happening all over the world, repeatedly.
• EPS is not a degradable matter. If it is sent into landfills or discarded freely, it will take three to five decades to depreciate completely.
• By recycling or re-preparing and reusing the discarded EPS foam, the decay of environment can be decreased to a significant degree. Further, it will help lower the cost of packaging and safe transportation of goods.

styrofoam recycling

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