FD Cold Compaction Series and FB Heat Melt Series

FD Cold Compaction Series

Our cold compaction units guarantee to never create a melt down while densifying foam. The cold compaction series foam densifiers have the capability to shred, densify, and produce foam blocks without heat. The foam blocks are easy to break off and stack on pallets without the use of additional devices while maintaining a 40,000 lbs shipping weight.

EPS cold densifier

FB Heat Melt Series

Have a lot of foam? Our FB Series may be the best fit for your needs. These foam densifiers are a complete system,featuring a blower, hopper, gravity-fed extruder(s) and a pre-breaker to shred and break up the foam.They can process up to 550 lbs. per hour of loose foam, depending on the foam type and density, producing a volume reduction of 90 to 1.

heat melt foam densifier