Features of AI EPS Hydraulic Cold Compactor

1         Special operating principle – no more material melting troubles. Adapt similar operating principle to Briquetting presses. Higher density and larger capacity.

2         Belt – Unlike gears or chains, belt slips when screw stuck by something hard to avoid breaking.

3         Oil cooling/warming up system – according to local temperature, cooling as well as warming up system are modifiable.

4         No bridging – less space between crusher and screw, especially for waste in long shape like EPE.

5         Simple & easy control box – no PCR system to avoid future troublesome maintenance.

6         Best output block size –the most efficient size by calculation: 200mm* 200mm or 250mm * 250mm; blocks are also easier for pallet stacking and convenient for worker to carry.

7         Metric or the British system – except the hydraulic system which in most cases, the British system is applied, the rest parts of the machine uses metric system.

8         Externally positioned pump and motor – for easier future maintenance.

IMG_2878 IMG_2879 MPS