Foam densifier FD-35 to process EPS+HIPS air freight pallets

In the last three years the market for the air freight pallets has home_featureprojectincreased to 8 million pallets in the USA. The pallets are made up of an EPS inner core with a thin HIPS outer shell. The weight of pallet is about 10 pounds each. It is a big headache for the air freight pallets manufacturers to dispose them.

Currently we are the only supplier of equipment that is capable of processing the air freight pallets and would provide you a densifier that would process these pallets for you. After the pallets are densified, we would want to enter an agreement to purchase all densified pallet material from you.

A side benefit in having this machine is, this machine would allow you to process other peoples EPS, EPP, and EPP turning this into a much larger profit centre.

Below is a link to a short video showing different materials being densified. The air freight FD-35-1pallets are the black items being processed.


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