Foam Densifiers: The rebel that makes straight A’s

It’s all over the news. “Foam can’t be recycled.” Foam has even been banned in several cities for the false accusations. That’s why our foam densifiers are rebels. They do what can’t be done. They recycle three types of foam (EPS/Expanded Polystyrene, EPE/Expanded Polyethylene, EPP/Expanded Polypropylene), using both heat and cold compaction. And they do it exceptionally well.

Our equipment features the smallest footprint with the highest output of any foam densifier on the market. The densifiers feature impressively high volume reduction, and can condense three types of foam into compacted blocks that are easily stored, transported, and sold. The Heat Melt Series Foam Densifiers, for example, produce a foam volume reduction of approximately 90 to 1. To help put that number in perspective, consider that even the most high-end compactors only have a volume reduction of 20 to 1.

We currently offer over 12 different foam densifier models varying in size and production capacity, including heat melt series and cold compaction series. Every foam densifier we manufacture has passed rigorous air quality testing for health and environmental safety. The power requirements are customized, we could provide both single phase voltage machine and three phase voltage machine.

hot melt densifier