How the waste recycling machines work?

Development does not merely provide ease and growth, but also the waste deposits. We consume the products, which are manufactured, but have you ever thought that what would have done to waste products? As they find no place in the production, they are just thrown in the open to contribute to pollution and dirt. To eliminate this happening, we at VITA Recycles create solutions in terms of machines, to recycle waste for keeping the environment clean and hygienic. Let us go through the uses and working of two machines to understand how they contribute to recycling the waste products:


a) Styrofoam Compactor

It is also known as Hybrid Densifier, acquires the major beneficial characteristics of hydraulic, and screw driven compaction system. Together, these traits make this product turn into a great option to process recycled foam in a waste management center. For efficient compaction of foam without letting the material to melt, the leading hydraulics and augers are attached to the hybrid cold compaction densifiers. You can find high quality Styrofoam Compactor equipped with advanced technology and silo system to feed the materials in the machine in our store.

b) Vertical Baler Machine

The waste is filled from the front side in these baler machines. They are also called as bailing press machine because these machines are smaller but have the ability to compress the recyclable material from the top to bottom. These Vertical Baler Machines are quite versatile, thus, used to bale different type of waste commodities such as fibers, plastic film, cardboard, clothing, plastic bottles etc.

Therefore, if you own an industry or company, where waste material is produced in abundance, it is your responsibility to recycle all that stuff and keep the surrounding pollution free. To gain information regarding the recycling machines or to purchase them, connect with us at You can visit us online for more information and services by clicking on the link