How to recycle PU foam?

Recently more and more people are looking for the solutions to recycle PU or TPU foam.

There are two types of PU foam in the market, one is sponge foam, other other is a cured foam or like rigid polyurethane foam sheet which is called TPU foam.

Sponge foam is too much memory. Hot melt is too smelly. Cold compaction won’t work as too much memory. ButĀ TPU cured foam which is rigid and brittle in nature. Our cold compactor FD-3000 or FD-2000 would be a good machine to densify this kind of material.

Sponge PU has market in the US, but not sure in other places. Till now we still did not find market for TPU market, using our compactor will help you save the transportation and landfill costs.

PU foam TPU foam