Hydraulic Baling Machine – An Important Component for Improved Recycling Process

Balers are the most commonly used machines for binding and compressing materials. They find their extensive usage in consumer, retail, agricultural, farming, and industrial sectors for effective recycling processes.

One of the most popular selling baler for pressing applications of cardboards, PET bottles, papers, tires, fibers, aluminum cans, used clothes, and other rubbish materials is hydraulic baling machine.


Types of baling machines

Depending on your individual intended application of hydraulic baling machine, two distinctive varieties and structures are available for you that include –

  • Vertical balers: The balers with top load are popular as vertical balers in which the material travels in the vertical direction. Since they are single load machines, you can only press light volume and light density products such as plastics and cardboards in it.
  • Horizontal balers: Available with the alternative of automatic feed, the horizontal balers are capable of continual usage. They can even bear a heavy load capacity of the wastes such as plastic containers, papers, cans and secondary fibers. Although these balers occupy comparatively more space on the floor, they can successfully compact the material coming from food and beverage.

Foam shredding machine

Another crucial component in enhancing the process of recycling is foam shredding machine. Everyone knows that expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste in the form of foam is highly unsafe. Thus, it is important to recycle and reshape after every usage. Since it is a significant melting component, you can easily melt, restructure and redesign it as per your requirement with the help of an electronic foam shredder. A foam shredder cuts and grinds the EPS waste into several tiny beads for further recycling process.