Mobile Foam Densifier Solution Guideline

Below is someĀ guiding information to set up mobile foam densifier system:

1. It is entirely feasible to mount the densifier on a truck to make it mobile.

2. To mount densifier on the truck, there are two options on densifiers. One being cold compaction system, and other being hot melt one.

3. Electrical supply to operate the machines are needed. And electricity can either be supplied by an generator or wherever the site is, it must have 3-phase power supply.

4. The selection of densifier capacity and generator is subject to the volume the densifier is required to process it.

5. Once the decision going mobile is confirmed, you need to provide the truck interior dimension, and we will see what we can do to configure the machine to fit your truck. Our machines are designed modularly, therefore, there are certain parts we can reconfigured.

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