New technologies for styrofoam/EPS compactor

Our styrofoam/EPS compactor with new technologies could be called pint-size hydraulic compactor. Our design on FD-2000 & FD-3000 is very different from those screw compactors in the market. Our auger only transports material to the compression chamber of the hydraulic press. Therefore any EPS material (dry, wet, fish box, high density, low density or a mixture of any kind of EPS) will be no problem being compressed by the extreme high pressure of our system.

Please note that our system is doing the following:

Working pressure is normally relieved at 150kg/cm2; and a maximum pressure of 220kg/cm2. The output of compressed foam is 21cm x 20.5cm. That means we are capable of delivering over 30 tons of push force. Our specific design is to totally eliminate the short comings of the screw compactors like Runi or Greenmax problems.

See the videos of our FD-3000 with silo system in operation: IMG_6080IMG_6081.

VITA foam compactor with silo system VITA EPS hydraulic compactor with silo heavy EPS bricks from VITA foam densifier

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