Options for recycling EPP

There are a couple of options for recycling EPP.┬áMany shape molders are grinding the scrap EPP parts and remolding the reground bead foam (after de-dusting and classifying by density). We’ve seen a range of 5 to 15% being used. Some safety critical EPP parts restrict regrinds, so it varies by OEM. We are accepting molded EPP parts, and are taking back both scrap EPP (mainly scrap shape molded parts from EPP molders) and end-of-life EPP products (mainly automotive dunnage parts). At the location, the EPP can be ground up, blended with virgin PP, then re-extruded into new pellets, which are then foamed to EPP. It is primarily done for price benefits, but we are also attempting to establish a recycling stream for the purpose of natural resource conservation. Many of the automotive OEM’s are emphasizing recycleability. One of our corporate directives is to work toward improving sustainability.

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