Plastic Film Washing Line—New-Age Plastic Processing Equipment

The invention of plastic has proved to be a mixed blessing. As one side, it is one of the most versatile raw materials, which has application in modern healthcare to manufacturing of cars. On the hand, its non-biodegradable nature is proving to be a slow poison to environment.

PET bottle Washing Line

However, the attribute of plastic that makes it one of the most sought after material—ability to be molded—makes its recycling easy. Thermoplastics at molecular level are heavy. The intermolecular forces that hold polymer together weakens with increasing temperature, making it a viscous liquid. This fluid can be reshaped, using polymer processing techniques, like injection molding, compression molding, calendaring and extrusion.

Similarly, the discarded or waste plastic is recycled. However, typically the waste plastic is dirty and needs to be cleaned before processing. At this step, special types of equipment are required such as plastic film washing line and pet bottle compactor.

Plastic Film Washing Line

Plastic film washing lines are set with arrays of washing equipment, such as granulator, friction washer, separation tank, and dewatering system. All these equipment together wash away dirty or soiled plastic films and turn the dirty plastic into pellets plastic pellets, which then can be used as make new products.

Pet Bottle Compactor

A pet bottle compactor is used to compress the volume of PET bottles into cubes that can be transported efficiently to the processing plants. Before compacting bottles, they too needed to be washed or emptied; at this stage dewatering unit comes into use, which at times used in conjunction with bottle compactor.