Post-consumer polystyrene recycling pilot project at the LaSalle Ecocenter

Montreal, October 15, 2013 – As part of a recycling pilot project, Montreal’s residents are invited to drop off their post-consumer foam or rigid polystyrene products at the LaSalle Ecocenter. With this initiative, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), jointly with the City of Montreal and various partners, is testing an improved system for the collection and transportation of clean polystyrene, allowing for its recycling into multiple products, and avoiding the cluttering of landfills. This project, that will take place over the next year, could become the model for the collection of polystyrene at other depots. It will run for four seasons, which will make the project more efficient and provide more complete data.

Looking for No. 6

“This new service is in addition to all the efforts made by the City of Montreal to reduce the amount of material going to the landfill. We are proud to open one of our depots to allow Montreal residents to go a step further in the responsible management of wastes,” states Ms. Josée Duplessis, President of the Executive Committee for the City of Montreal, responsible for sustainable development, the environment, parks and green spaces.

“The objective is to find an economical and sustainable environmental solution to the collection and recycling of post-consumer polystyrene, thereby diverting this material from landfills, explains Paul Aucoin, Director of Business Development at the CPIA. The main challenges lie in the collection of clean polystyrene, in an economical transportation system, and then in the recycling of the polystyrene into new manufactured products.

The citizens can drop off, in a space reserved for that purpose at the LaSalle Ecocenter, their well-cleaned polystyrene articles, free of any labels, absorbent pads, aluminum covers, tapes etc. Easily identifiable, polystyrene has a triangle with the number 6 inside. This symbol appears as on polystyrene packaging protecting food and durable products and as well on most consumer products.

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