The Best Ways to Dispose and Recycle the Waste Products!

In the past few years, many efforts have been made to transform the concepts of recycling through innovation. This is done by setting up an advanced recycling system to recycle the waste products, which are difficult to decompose such as Polystyrene or Styrofoam through compactor machines. Besides this, hygienically disposal of waste products is also as necessary as recycling the waste to prevent any kind of disease through automatic sensor trash cans.

Polystyrene recycling compactor

Why is it necessary to recycle polystyrene?

In our daily lives, we are using the polystyrene in a huge amount of quantity. Due to its great insulation feature and some other protective qualities, it is being used widely as a popular packaging material used for coffee cups, packaging food, egg tray, etc. But, generally after being used it is thrown out by us on roads which lead to pollution. Therefore, if we can’t dispose of them completely, we should try to recycle them and make them useable again through Polystyrene recycling compactor machines. This will not only control the pollution but also check the financial waste through recycling and reuse it again.

There are various machines to do that on a commercial basis:

a) Foam Shredder Machine: The machine is used to cut the foam into small granules. During this process, 5-8% of foam is lost but the remaining is totally usable for manufacturing products again.

b) Hot Melt Foam Densifier: The machine crushes the foam products and heats them into dense blocks to reuse them for different purposes. It can melt up to 150 Kg of loose foam hourly according to the density of foams.

c) Hydraulic Cold Foam Compactor: It is a machine of performance and is capable of recycling different types of foams like EPS, PIR, XPS and PUR foam. This is why it is popular with different names such as EPS densifier, foam compactor and Styrofoam cold compactors (compactor).

As you now know about these Polystyrene recycling compactor machines, therefore, you can recycle the foam waste on your own as well. If you need to buy these powerful machines for recycling or Sensor trash can for perfect disposal of waste you can connect with us at For more details, you can log on to our website –