The Process To Recycle Foam

In a drop-off program there are 8 steps to recycle loose foam materials.

Step 1: Residents take foam to a drop-off center;

Step 2: The foam materials are collected at the drop-off center by a recycling truck;

Step 3: The materials are delivered to a sorting facility, or material recovery facility (MRF);

Step 4: The MRF keeps the foam separate foam from the other recyclable materials;

Step 5: The foam is delivered to a shredder manually or mechanically;

Step 6: The foam is transferred to a compactor or densifier. This can be done mechanically using air blower through a tube a manually;

Step 7: The densifier compacts the loose foam into dense logs or melted ingots;

Step 8: The MRF sells the foam to a broker, processor or end user, who will extrude it into pellets to make new products, like frame products, CD case, disposable razor, and etc.

foam recycling process