The unique EPS compactor FD-3000

FD-3000 is the newest EPS cold compactor, designed as an alternate solution to melt densifiers. This machine combines the function of screw compactor like RUNI from Europe and hydraulic compactor like Sebright from US.

The biggest problem for screw compactor in the market is melting issue, which often brings customers a lot of headaches to clear up the machine; the hydraulic compactor performs much better than screw compactor, no melting issue, the compression ratio can reach up to 80:1, but the cost is very expensive, and the size is very very big.

After studying and designing our engineer team finally designed a different compactor, which is unique in the world, this is just our FD-3000, there is no melting problem and can get very high compression ratio. See the materials coming out of our FD-3000, this is very heavy brick, we believe you can load at least 20MT of such materials in one 40’HQ.


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