The value of EPS/polystyrene/styrofoam compactors

How much are you paying to transport it to landfill? If you are spending more than $150 a week disposing of polystyrene waste then it will pay you to have a polystyrene compactor. If you are loading up a trailer and taking your polystyrene to landfill, think what else you could do with your time. It quickly fills skips and bins taking up large amounts of space but weighing almost nothing: pushing up waste disposal costs. Just think: polystyrene, expanded polystyrene (EPS) or styrofoam is containing 98% air, you are paying your waste contractor to transport 98% air to landfill.

It is a huge problem for organisations in the food industry (hotels, restaurants, fast food), or buyers of supplies packaged in polystyrene (fisheries, hospitals, electronics industry, cruise companies, white goods suppliers). And yet polystyrene has a high price as a recycled product, up to $600 a tonne when compacted. Vita Recycles will buy back your compacted polystyrene.

We designed and manufactured more than 10 EPS machines with varying output offerings, dependant on your needs, including heat melt densifiers and cold compactor. To process wet and dirty fish boxes we would recommend our cold compactor, and to process wet and clean packaging materials we’d like to recommend our heat melt densifiers, both types can reduce polystyrene waste disposal costs drastically.

polystyrene foam recycling

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