Things You Need to Know about EPS Recycling

The accumulation of a voluminous amount of waste especially non-biodegradable materials on earth’s surface is a cause of global concern. The waste materials cause irreparable damage to the earth and huge problems in the environment. Proper waste management is very important to resolve this problem that can help preserve ecological integrity and sustain human life on the planet for many years to come. Recycling is an important part of the three major components of waste management with the first two being reduce and reuse.

Expanded Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam is used for a variety of purposes due to its excellent properties like thermal insulation, lightweight, sound energy dissipation or damping property, strength and durability. However, being a non-biodegradable material, recycling of EPS is the best way for its disposal or management as after recycling it becomes polystyrene plastic. Scattered pieces of polystyrene foams look so repulsive and in absence of suitable recycling and reuse mechanism, most of the foams end up in landfill sites. Burning of EPS or putting it into landfills leads to the increase in air, water and soil pollution.

EPS foam compactor

EPS recycling provides a host of benefits to the people. It reduces the environmental pollution, saves resources and produces jobs for a number of people who can be involved in the recycling industry.

Grinding EPS into beads and compressing EPS through an EPS foam compactor are some of the most common ways to recycle Styrofoam. As EPS is a polymer of styrene that contains 98 percent air and 2 percent polystyrene, hence compacting EPS can reduce the volume by 50 to 1 of its original volume. Compression of EPS results in the formation of EPS logs that make it easy for its transportation to recycling plants where it can be melted into pellets for injection-molded products.

Likewise, a foam shredder will grind pieces of EPS into beads that can be reused as fillers in toys, cushions, stuffed animals and as building material for filling agent.

Whether you require foam densifier, crusher and shredder, hydraulic baler or Styrofoam compactor for recycling of polystyrene, polyethylene, and polypropylene foam you should procure the best quality tool for recycling from a leading supplier. You can easily find a top-notch recycling tool supplier in your town and get the best quote for the tool from them. For more information and services, feel free to click on the link