Things You Need to Know about Waste Recycling Equipment

The pollution has increased all over the world in the form of waste products which contaminate water, air, and soil when disposed of wrongly. They not only diminish the look of our surrounding but also lead to various diseases. The solution to all these problems is recycling of the waste materials that pollute the environment. We at Vita Recycles have been experienced in manufacturing various types of equipment to dispose and recycle the trash in the correct manner. The tools like Sensor Waste Bin help in disposing the material properly and mitigating the possibility of disease spread, while recycling machines like EPS Foam Compactor make the best use of the unused products. Here is a brief description of these equipments:


Sensor Waste Bin

Cleaning a place is good, but properly disposing of the trash collected is better. In the market, you can find many dustbins operated by hand or foot, where the lid opens when the button is pressed. But our production team delivers the automatic garbage cans that open automatically as your hand reaches to infrared induction area and closes in few seconds as your hand moves away. This product works on alkaline batteries and is operated by a microcomputer and infrared induction. This way the risk of cross-contamination is reduced and your life becomes healthy and convenient.

EPS Foam Compactor

The EPS waste is mostly generated in different industries like the household appliance, grocery and fish markets, electronic assembling, furniture firm, automotive sector and so on. Our compactor equipment transports the waste material to the compression chamber of the hydraulic press. Hence, the EPS substances have no problem in being compressed by extreme pressure. This compactor acquires quite useful features of hydraulic and screw driven compaction system, which makes it a smart option to process recycled foam. It comes with inbuilt augers and hydraulics for easy compaction of foam without melting the waste.

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