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The increasing use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam in thermal insulation, construction and craft applications has made them quite popular. Be it in the manufacturing of coffee cups and food plates or in helmets, home insulation or beer coolers, polystyrene finds its use in an array of applications. Recycling of extruded polystyrene foam or Styrofoam is a great challenge as this is lighter in weight making it harder to collect and needs to be transported to a centralised recycling plant for recycling EPS foam. This helps in the proper management and disposal of EPS foam that can easily end into the landfills.

foam densifier

Companies engaged in manufacturing waste recycling machines play a wonderful role in helping industries recycle waste materials and thus contribute their best in maintaining cleanliness and green environment.

VITA Recycles is an outstanding and experienced manufacturer and supplier of high-quality waste recycling tools that provides comprehensive waste management solution to its clients. The company provides hydraulic cold Styrofoam compactor, heat-melt foam densifier, baler machine, foam and plastic crusher and shredder, dewatering machine and pelletizing systems. Besides this, the expert and dedicated team of folks of the company buy recycled products from the industries.

Collection and transportation of Styrofoam can be a great problem, as the substance is quite light and can easily blow away in the wind becoming litter thereby leading to air and water pollution. A suitable EPS foam densifier compresses the foam, removes the air and leave only the foam pellets thereby making their transportation to the recycling centre easier and more cost effective.

Whether you require Styrofoam compactor, hot melt EPS densifier or cold Styrofoam densifier, vertical and horizontal baler or other recycling tool, Vita Recycles can help you get the best quality waste recycling equipment on lease, rent or purchase. Using the advanced recycling tool as offered by Vita Recycles will reduce the cost of waste recycling and management and increase efficiency and recycling capacity. This will help you realize your target, boost your profits and enhance credibility.

Vita Recycles is committed to provide you total waste recycling solutions at an affordable cost. So what are you looking for? Feel free to call our expert on +86 571 86998357 or send us an email at All interested people can visit us online by clicking on the link to get more information about our products and services and a free price quote for the required tool.