What is EPS/Expanded Polystyrene/Styrofoam?

EPS is short for Expanded Polystyrene, which is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. But in United States and Canada EPS is more commonly called Styrofoam. In fact, Styrofoam is a registered trademark of Dow Chemical for an extruded polystyrene foam material sometimes referred to as XPS.

EPS can usually be identified by looking for the circular pattern on the surface created by eps packagingthe individual beads that are used to make the molded shape. Many of us may take EPS foam as a reference to most plastic foam packaging, such as foam drinking cups, packaging peanuts, home appliance or furniture packaging. EPS is one of the best cushioning materials for protecting products during transportation. Besides the primary use for EPS is for insulation panels in the construction industry.

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