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Creating Green Industry Standards by Producing Polystyrene Foam Compactor

November 10, 2016: As a market leader in providing hi-tech equipment for all types of waste recycling, Vita Recycles brings forth variety of EPS foam compactors for recycling industry. Popular with the name of Styrofoam or polystyrene foam compactors, this equipment is capable of compressing the foam into smaller blocks by making use of hydraulic compression mechanism.

Unlike the designs of its competitors, Vita Recycles offers an entirely different concept of EPS cold compactors. Its auger transports only the material to the hydraulic press chamber that ensures hassle-free compression of the material under extremely high pressure. Regardless of the kind of EPS material you have such as fish box, wet, low density, high density or any mixture, its compactor can compress anything.

Not only cold compactors, the company also produces heat melt foam densifiers for wastecompression purpose. Equipped with best-in-class latest technology, its compactor boasts numerous valuable features like screw-driven and hydraulic system of compaction. This feature distinguishes it from other competitors and becomes a smarter alternative to ensure effective waste management.

Having an in-built system of advanced hydraulics and augers, the EPS foam compactors of Vita Recycles render easy foam compaction without even melting of material. Moreover, depending on your individual capacity, you can obtain custom-made compactor alternatives for your center varying in terms of configurations. The company also provides separate personalized systems of silo to ensure easy feeding of material into the compactor.

Describing in one word, its polystyrene foam compactor holds a specific design that can eliminate the shortfalls of its rivals in the industry thereby leading you to a benchmark industry standard.

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