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Film Squeezer
Film Squeezer
PET Dewatering Compactor
PET Dewatering Compactor

Plastic Film Dewatering Machine

PE film is widely used in the packaging industry and everyday life. You can easily see plastic wraps are used to protect agricultural crops. In home and commercial kitchens also, kitchen wraps are used to preserve food. Dry cleaning covers, plastic bags which you use in garbage bin, and the wrapping of grocery and blanket and clothing, etc. are also examples of PE films. These are also used in building and construction industry.

PP film is used in various industries as food packaging, infrastructure and construction and automotive.

Our PE/PP film squeezer is specially designed to squeeze these plastic films, particularly those used as agricultural films on farm.

The film squeezer is a part of the whole line of film recycling machine, normally the whole process as below. PE/PP film should be smashed and chopped into flakes before being washed and dried under hot oil to get rid of the water in the flakes. After that, they are pelletized into pellets of different sizes, which are used for the production of various products. We can provide custom-made film squeezer, right as per the specification of your existing PE/PP film recycling system, meeting your explicit business requirements.

Film squeezer VTFS-500
Film Squeezer Machine VTFS-500
Film dewatering machine VTFS-1000
Film Dewatering Machine VTFS-1000

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