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EPS/PET/PE/PP strand die pelletizing system

EPS/PET/PE/PP Strand Die Pelletizing System

Strand die pelletizing system, or called spaghetti pelletizing system is suitable for most polymer compounding production, such as EPS/PET/PE/PP etc. It features simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Another merit of strand die pelletizing system is that the start-up time and period of changing product portfolio is very short so that the waste of material will be less. The threshold of operators is also low.

A simple water bath for strand cooling often is the first option for compounding plants. This system is only for medium-small production size. This system consists of strand die, water bath or belt-conveyor with cooling units, air knife, strand pelletizer and vibrating classifier.

This system can be incorporated with auto-packaging system.

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