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EPS/PET/PE/PP water ring pelletizing system

EPS/PE/PP/EVA/TPU Water Ring Pelletizing System

Water ring pelletizing system is suitable for certain plastics, such as EPS/PE/PP/EVA/TPU etc. The final pellets will get smoother and offer better flowability. The length of production line is shorter than strand die pelletizing system.

The die head of water ring is a ring type so that this structure reaches out the limitation of production capacity. Comparing with strand die pelletizing system, it has its own advantage of production continuity, especially in plastic recycling, as the recycled materials contain some contaminants that can cause strand broken during the production that can reduce the productivity.

This system includes water ring pelletizer, water circulating system, dewater system and vibrating classifier. It can incorporate with auto-packaging system.

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