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EPS Cold Compactor
EPS Cold Compactor
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EPS Foam / Polystyrene Foam Compactor

EPS waste generated in various industries, such as furniture company, electronic assembling company, household appliances distribution company, grocery markets, fish markets, automotive sector, etc. As for the EPS foam compactor, there are many different configurations depending on your needs.

Our design on EPS cold compactor is very different from those of RUNI or GreenMax. Our auger only transports material to the compression chamber of the hydraulic press. Therefore any EPS material (dry, wet, fish box, high density, low density or a mixture of any kind of EPS) will be no problem being compressed by the extreme high pressure of our system.

Our Styrofoam cold compactor is also called hybrid densifier, equipped with the most useful features of screw driven compaction system and hydraulic compaction system. These smart features turn this machine into a smart pick for a waste management center to process recycled foam efficiently. Hybrid cold compaction densifiers come inbuilt with advanced augers and hydraulics, rendering easy compaction of foam without melting the material.

With us, this freshest and most unique technology is available with custom-made options. We also provide personalized silo system to feed the materials into the Styrofoam compactor.

One word, our specific design of polystyrene cold compactor is totally eliminate the shortcomings of the RUNI or GreenMax problems.

EPS (Styrofoam/polystyrene) cold compactor FD-2000
EPS (Styrofoam/Polystyrene) Cold Compactor FD-2000
EPS (Styrofoam/polystyrene) cold compactor FD-3000
Styrofoam/Polystyrene Cold Compactor FD-3000

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