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Foam Recycling- Why is it Necessary For Our Better Future?

We live in a world of modern era where science and technology is used for the betterment of humanity and environment in every way possible. In order to assist human comforts the consumption of foam and plastic has reached up to such an extent that it is causing hazardous affects on our environment. According to the Malaysia Chinese Newspaper Greenpeace investigators found that waste plastic products had polluted sand near beaches causing much damage to the living environment of seabirds, sharks, seals and whales. In order to prevent such damage to our environment a technique has been developed that recycles the foam and is known as FOAM RECYCLING. Considering the quality of products it is undeniably true that we need something to recycle the foam. It can be completed with the help of following products.

  • Foam densifier, is considered one of the most professional and easy to use machines to recycle waste foams. This machine can densify the bulky foam into smaller pieces and then reduce the foam volume by melting. The main purpose is of this machine is to reduce the volume and then use it for manufacturing of new products.
  • Styrofoam is known for its ability to protect fragile products efficiently but its recycling has been an issue for while. Finally, we have Styrofoam Compactor, a machine that compresses the Styrofoam to 1/50th times its original volume, which is further used for manufacturing of other products.
  • Styrofoam densifier densifies the Styrofoam up to a ratio of 90:1 thereby decreasing the volume of the total waste. Imagine if it would take one tanker to carry the waste of what 90 tankers would, economic and effortless.
  • Polystyrene is used widely for packing purposes hence any recycling process is a boon in disguise. Polystyrene foam compactor is such a device that helps you to compress polystyrene into high-density foam blocks, which can be used further for the manufacturing of different products.
  • EPS recycling machine is one of a kind of machine that helps you to melt down Expanded Polystyrene or EPS into a high density block that has a density ratio of 90:1 to the original thereby decreasing the volume by a healthy extent so much so that transportation becomes economical and easy.
  • Similar is the work of EPS compactor, which compresses the EPS to a healthy extent that reduces its volume by many folds. The compression thereby helps in manufacturing of new products.

With the world growing at such a fast rate we ought to forget the hazards we possess to our environment while we try to match the pace. One of such hazards is the waste that is hazardous to marine life and our environment. Above mentioned are a few ways in which you can recycle such waste to keep your environment clean, clear and worth living.

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