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Hydraulic Baler Machine

VITA supplies a wide range of hydraulic balers to customers in order to manage their recyclable scrap materials, from corrugated fiber to all forms and types of plastics. Our baler machines range from vertical balers to horizontal balers.

We customize equipment plans for each customer, taking into account space limitations, material type, volume generation and more. All of our baler machines for sale are built with rugged construction to stand up to the most demanding industries.

You can choose the balers based on your applications, which can be used to press cardboards, papers, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, Aluminum cans, metals, tires, fibers, used clothes, sawdust, hays, rubbish, and etc.

For a bailing machine the most important part is the hydraulic configuration. And among the hydraulic parts, oil sealing and oil cylinder are the most important parts. We adopt HALLET brand oil sealing, and we use very solid piston rod to the cylinder, which can guarantee our baler machines work for over 15 years. This is why Wal-Mart also chooses our hydraulic balers.

Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S10A
Vertical Beverage Carton Baler Machine VTJP-S10A
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S10B
Vertical Paper Baler Machine VTJP-S10B
Vertical rubbish baler VTJP-R5
Vertical Rubbish Baler Machine VTJP-R5
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S15B
Vertical Plastic Baler Machine (G Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S20
Vertical Film Baler Machine (C Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S30
Vertical Cardboard Baler Machine (M Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S40
Vertical Fiber Baler Machine (D Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S80
Vertical Hay Baler Machine (F Series)
Vertical tire baler VTJP-T100
Vertical Tire Baler Machine (T Series)
Horizontal semi-automatic baler VTEF-N40
Horizontal Semi-auto Paper Baler (EF Series)
semi-automatic baler-BC series
Horizontal Semi-auto Plastic Baler (BC Series)
Vertical cloth baler VTJP-C30
Vertical Cloth Baler Machine (L Series)
Horizontal automatic baler VTQT-A30
Horizontal Automatic Carton Baler (QS Series)
Horizontal automatic baler VTQT-A80
Horizontal Automatic Bottle Baler (QB Series)
Horizontal bagging baler VTKT-W5
Horizontal Fabric Bagging Baler (KC Series)
Horizontal bagging baler VTKT-W90
Horizontal Hay Bagging Baler (KT Series)

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