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Automatic Horizontal Bailing Machine

Horizontal balers are larger machines, such as completely automatic horizontal baler,Automatic Bottle Baler, Horizontal Bagging Baler, and semi-automatic hydraulic baler, which are deployed for higher volume locations, and can attain 1 ton to 25 tons per hour output level, efficiently.

VITA offers an assortment of horizontal balers with particular applications, and different bale size depending on the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. The bale size can be customized to best cube out the containers/trucks for shipping.

These horizontal baler machines are ideal for larger quantity of recyclables, which can help you more efficiently deal with your waste and lower the labor cost. Additionally, horizontal baling machines can increase the returns of the produced recyclables by easing the process of waste transportation and increasing the payloads.

Our horizontal balers can be found in various industries, and can capably reprocess a variety of waste materials, ranging from paper to plastics, and textile to wood shaving and peanut shells. The larger and faster horizontal baling press machines are the best choice for MRF (material recovery facilities) and waste recycling operations.

Horizontal semi-automatic baler VTEF-N40
Horizontal Semi-auto Paper Baler (EF Series)
semi-automatic baler-BC series
Horizontal Semi-auto Plastic Baler (BC Series)
Horizontal automatic baler VTQT-A30
Horizontal Automatic Carton Baler (QS Series)
Horizontal automatic baler VTQT-A80
Horizontal Automatic Bottle Baler (QB Series)
Horizontal bagging baler VTKT-W5
Horizontal Fabric Bagging Baler (KC Series)
Horizontal bagging baler VTKT-W90
Horizontal Hay Bagging Baler (KT Series)

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