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Vertical Baler Machine for Sale

Vertical balers are the baler machines in which the materials are stuffed from the front side. These pressing machines are smaller, and can strap and compress the recyclables from the top to down, because of which this baler machine is also often termed as down stroke bailing press machine.

Vertical baling machines are very versatile and can be used to bale cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic film, shrink warp, fibers, tires, clothing, and various waste commodities.

Vertical bailing press can be intended to act as a single or double rambaling press. The outputs of our vertical baler machines range from 200 kgs to 15 tons per hour, and the compressing force of vertical baling press ranges between 10 and 200 tons. The various force ratios and number of rams entirely count on what you are going to bale.

We will recommend you which vertical waste baler makes the most sense for your needs.

Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S10A
Vertical Beverage Carton Baler Machine VTJP-S10A
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S10B
Vertical Paper Baler Machine VTJP-S10B
Vertical rubbish baler VTJP-R5
Vertical Rubbish Baler Machine VTJP-R5
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S15B
Vertical Plastic Baler Machine (G Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S20
Vertical Film Baler Machine (C Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S30
Vertical Cardboard Baler Machine (M Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S40
Vertical Fiber Baler Machine (D Series)
Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S80
Vertical Hay Baler Machine (F Series)
Vertical tire baler VTJP-T100
Vertical Tire Baler Machine (T Series)
Vertical cloth baler VTJP-C30
Vertical Cloth Baler Machine (L Series)

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