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Why is Recycling Polystyrene Vital? – Different Methods to Recycle Polystyrene

You might have not noticed but we are using polystyrene (better known as Styrofoam) in an extremely high quantity. It is used in most of the packages that we receive or send. It is used for many other purposes as well like, in coffee cups, packaging food, egg tray, etc. It is one of the most popular packaging materials as it has many properties, which makes it better than any other packaging material. It is a good insulator and has a number of protective qualities as well. There are some foam recycling tools which are used in properly recycling Styrofoam, Hydraulic cold foam compactor, Styrofoam cold compactors, heat-melt foam densifiers, polypropylene foam densifiers and foam shredding machines (foam shredder machine) to name a few. Today we will discuss how to recycle Styrofoam and why is it necessary.

Why is recycling polystyrene important?

We have been using polystyrene or Styrofoam in a high quantity and it is not disposed properly. Most of the times people throw away the cups or packaging materials on the road, which increases the pollution, moreover, those cups and packaging materials become waste and useless. However if we recycle them, then we can use them again and reduce pollution. Therefore, recycling polystyrene (Styrofoam) is important and it should be done soon.

Different machines for recycling polystyrene:

There are some machines that are used on a commercial basis for recycling Styrofoam:

Foam Shredder Machine:
A foam shredding machine are manufactured for cutting foam into small granules which are known as foam granules. Around 5-8% of gets reduced during the shredding process but the rest of the foam is totally usable. It can be used for making products again. You can easily find a foam shredder for sale online.

Hydraulic Cold Foam Compactor:
Its name might sound typical but this machine is not very typical. This machine is capable of recycling different types of foams like EPS, PIR, XPS and PUR foam, that is why it is also known as EPS densifier, foam compactor and Styrofoam cold compactors (compactor). This particular machine is quite popular and you can find many hydraulic cold foam compactors for sale online and offline.

Hot Melt Foam Densifier:
Heat-melt foam densifiers are one of the best machines for recycling Styrofoam. They crush the foam products and heat them into dense blocks. These blocks can be reused for different purposes. A hot melt foam densifier is capable of melting up to 150KG of loose foam hourly. The capacity can decrease according to different foam types as the densities of different foams are different as well.

These were the most popular Styrofoam recycling machines that are used for commercial purposes. Now that you know about these machines, you can recycle polystyrene by either buying these machines or finding those nearby your location. However, you must know that all of these machines are extremely powerful and are mostly used for recycling a very high quantity of foam only.

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