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Rubbish-compacting Bin


  • Universal Trash Compactor Device
  • Automatic Compacting Device
  • Waste Space Reduction – up to 6 to 1 ratio
  • Up to 85% Labor Savings
  • Up to 85% Waste Removal Savings
  • Ideal Solutions for high traffic venues: –Quick Service Restaurants –Airports –Shopping Malls –Food Courts & Cafeterias –Theme Parks
  • Safety Sensor installed
  • Purchase, Leasing & Rental Options Available
  • Variety of Package Options & Add-Ons Available



  1. User can continuously throw in trash while machine is in operation.
  2. When idle of trash input, compression is holding trash downwards.
  3. To ensure 100% safety to users, device will immediately stop once bin door is activated.
  4. When trash input is detected with N times, device will compress (N is an adjustable number).
  5. Device will retract in order to remove and replace trash liners when main bin door is opened.
  6. When trash is full, device pressure will continue to apply until trash is removed.
  7. Device will compress trash in the bin when there is an extended period of time without activities.

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