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Vertical paper& plastic baler VTJP-S30

Vertical Cardboard Baler Machine (M Series)

Scope of M series baling machines: applicable to recycling waste paper, plastics, cardboard, cotton and other conventional materials; there are a variety of models for selection, suitable for domestic and foreign enterprise, logistics and supermarkets.

There is an U-type balance device, which prevents accident from uneven material feeding, making it one of the safest machine designs to work with.

The feeder uses up-down moving door, which has found to save space and has been convenient to use, during operations.

While keeping safety in mind, the model is fitted with safety interlocking, and automatically takes out bale.

Additionally, the baling chamber uses special device for preventing material rebound, which saves feeding time, greatly.

To maintain a seamless operation for a long time of the machine, high-quality spare parts available.

The machine is applicable to waste paper, cardboard, film, and other waste materials etc.

Model VTJP-M30 VTJP-M40 VTJP-M50
Hydraulic power 30ton 40ton 50ton
Bale size (L*W*H) 1100*700*(650-900)mm 1100*750*(700-1000)mm 1500*760*(700-1000)mm
Feed opening size (L*H) 1050*500mm 1050*500mm 1450*600mm
Output 3-6bales/hour 3-5bales/hour 3-5bales/hour
Bale weight 150-250Kg 200-350Kg 350-500Kg
Voltage (customizable) 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Power 5.5KW/7.5HP 5.5KW/7.5HP 7.5KW/10HP
Machine size (L*W*H) 1500*1040*3150mm 1500*1100*3200mm 1900*1100*3300mm
Machine weight 1200Kg 1700Kg 2300Kg

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